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Lee Receives Rave Reviews from Local Critics!

Elementary Observation Reviews College Student Class Evaluation Reviews


Elementary Education Observation Teaching Reviews


“Ms. Lee is a valued and respected member of the Douglas staff. She has supported the school’s efforts in improving the creative arts and science program…the students enjoyed her humor! Students enjoy the variety of activities that she presents to promote their use of the multiple intelligences… Ms. Lee has a repertoire of good ideas and shares these with grade level teachers…She wrote and produced a play entitled Tracks. This was a very successful endeavor representing her ability as an excellent drama teacher.” -Vicki P., Principal, Douglas Magnet School of Creative Arts and Science, Raleigh, North Carolina


“Ms. Lee seems to have a relaxing and inviting rapport with her students…Ms. Lee has provided leadership for the fourth grade team. She is a self-starter.” -Dr. -Sheila J., Principal, Y.E. Smith Magnet School of Science and Technology, Durham, North Carolina


“This project not only involved reading and writing but gave students the opportunity to use social studies, math, art, music, and science. This was good integrated teaching and learning! Lee interacts with students and parents in a positive manner...she has telephoned parents as well as arranged one-on-one quick to involve parents in the educational process! Lee maintains clear, firm, and reasonable work standards…Strengths observed: knowledge of subject matter; good presentation and teaching techniques, good planning; effective use of a variety of teaching materials and independent practice…Lee is community conscious...served on a panel for Beginning Teachers at UNCA...worked on the LEARNNC Website Project...helped her students prepare for the Ducky Derby T-shirt contest!”

-Barbara L., Principal, Randolph Elementary School, Asheville, North Carolina


“Lee is a positive staff member...has good rapport with staff and students... is a resource for computer knowledge...has conducted a workshop on the basics of the Internet for our faculty and tutored other staff members on the use of our computerized grade book! Lee’s class has taken field trips to MAGIC Community Gardens , Biltmore House, Urban Trail, Riverside Cemetery , Pack Place ... Lee invited a Native American Speaker and a Poetry Alive performer to her classroom...makes use of volunteers in her classroom and in one-on-one tutoring sessions with her students...utilizes parents as tutors and keeps them apprised of the needs of the child being tutored…Lee plans units to integrate the curriculum, and to address the needs of the various learners in her classroom…Lee shows expertise beyond her experience and is developing into a strong and productive educator!”    - Cynthia S., Assistant Principal, Randolph Elementary School , Asheville, North Carolina


“...frequently students are involved in the decision making straight forward with parents about student behavior and academic progress...her class organized and published a school newspaper!” -Linda B., Principal, Glen Arden Elementary School, Arden, North Carolina


“Lee allows for individual differences by allowing students to work in cooperative well prepared for her lessons and students experience success...handles disruption with ease and in a dignified manner…Lee consistently looks for innovative ways in which to teach her class...searches the Internet for new ways to teach content area skills...continues to look for creative ways in which to reach all levels in her class!” -Cindy O., 4th grade teacher and mentor, Randolph Elementary School, Asheville, North Carolina


“Classroom management is a strength for Jenny...she is at a high level of teaching maturity...Lee’s theater background is a delightful benefit in the classroom!”

-Dr. Karen C., Education Professor, University of North Carolina at Asheville


“Without question, she is one of the most student-centered teachers I have had the honor to instruct!” -Dr. Sandra B., Education Professor,University of North Carolina at Asheville


 College Student Reviews

“Dr. Lee did an awesome job. She went above and beyond expectations. Not only was she enthusiastic about the course, she also went out of her way to make PowerPoint presentations to ensure we learned the material. Her skills and knowledge about the class were superb and she gave insightful feedback on our projects and general questions.”


“Very professional, a pleasure to work with…showed a lot of enthusiasm and was proactive in helping us to succeed.”


“Great teacher. Really knew the material and how to do everything.”


“She was very enthusiastic about the subject…cared greatly about our success…Dr. Lee is great!”

“Very personable…helpful in finding solutions to problems…open and very helpful when asked for help”


“Funny and down to earth, gets to know students and interacts with them on the level that is most comfortable with the individual students.”


“Kind and respectful…was very receptive to student needs…excellent attitude, organization, and approach to course.”


“Good course… learned something I didn’t already know.”


“Dr. Lee is a wonderful instructor who I’ve enjoyed having…she has great strengths and connected with students causing them to want to work hard. She rocks!”


“Cool teacher…easy going…relaxed…flexible.”


“Very knowledgeable of woodworking skills, encouraged creativity and self-reliance.”


“Instructor taught well and knew the subject matter/material well.”


“Good teacher…knew how to use every machine and gave great advice on my projects.”


“Ms. Jenny is a wonderful teacher. She related well with the students and was always there to help.”


“Very approachable and caring…fun…very hands on…very good instructor.”


“Very well taught, good class.”


“She really understands the students and seems to care about their needs. She is an excellent teacher.”


“Worked very well with students…good listener... patient and explained until I understand.”


“I think Dr. Lee is an overall great teacher. She will do well in the future. No weaknesses.”


“Her teaching is very neat and easy to understand…very smart, good energy.”


 “Not anal about everything.”


“Instruction was wonderful and would love to take another class from her.”


“Instructor explained materials, tools, and machines very well, I had never really touched these tools and machines until this class, she helped me a lot.”


“This class was the most helpful class I ever took. I learned a lot about constructing using metals and woods.”


“Dr. Lee is the best ever! Don’t you forget!