The first set of projects were created in TED 115: Woods Technology. For their final project, students were required to design and build a piece of furniture. The second set of projects were created in my current class TED 110: Materials Processing Technology. Students are required to design and build "automata," (a type of mechanical toy) and must use at least two of the three materials worked with in class: metal, wood, and plastic.

Bench seat

Coffee table with star design wood inlay

Coffee table wood inlay close up

Desk organizer for small items

DVD holder with dark and light wood, spins

Bedside table

Guitar and stand

Guitar close-up

Mirror frame

Oak cabinet front view

Oak cabinet side view

Small wooden box with sheet metal inlay

Tall shelves


Video game

Video game close-up


This picture is the first in the pictures of automata, or mechanical toys, which is the final project for TED 110.

Click here to see this automata in motion!
Carosel - when handle is cranked, gears cause center piece to turn and horses to go up and down


Miniature backhoe-syringes are filled with water, pressure from syringes causes up and down and back and forth
movement of the shovel

Miniature backhoe shown in different position

Dog - when crank is turned, cams cause dog to
"bark" and tail to wag

North Carolina State University cheerleaders...

...when crank is turned, gears cause cheerleaders
to alternate bending over...

...and standing up while raising signs

Flying dragon - strings hang from belly of dragon, when pulled, strings cause wings to flap up and down

Flying dragon with wings up

Flying dragon front view

Dolphins - when cranked, gears turned dolphins
around in a circle

Trebuchet - when bucket is loaded and pulled
back, rubberband causes spring action and
shoots ammunition

Mock-up of Harley Twin engine -
when crank is turned rods in engines
go up and down

Ocean roller - when pulled, wheels caused gears
to turn which made dolphins "jump" out of "ocean"

Green snake - when crank is turned, cams
raise parts of snake so that it appears to be
moving or wiggling

Marble racer - two marbles are released at
top of piece and roll down to bottom

Gunman - when string is pulled, arms
are raised, hat tilts up and guns go
into the shooting position

Gunman in "at ease" position

Pachinko style machine

Sheet metal box top sketched
with a Dremel tool

Pinball machine

Pinball machine close-up

"Shark Attack" - when cranked, cams caused shark's
mouth to open and close and swimmer's legs to move

Different angle of Shark Attack
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